About us

Bureau Tij enjoys working for organizations seeking a world that is more sustainable and fairer. Most organizations we work for do so by conducting campaigns.

Bureau Tij are Agnes de Rooij and Ingrid van den Berg. We got to know each other in 2010 at Greenpeace, where we worked together campaigning against the construction of two coal-fired power plants in the Eemshaven. This collaboration worked so well that we decided to continue working together. After a year of preparation, the official start of Bureau Tij took place at the end of January 2013.

We both have a lot of campaigning experience, gained at a variety of NGOs both internationally and within the Netherlands. For example, we have worked for the AIDS Fund, the Consumer Union, the Dutch Red Cross, Fairfood International, the labor union FNV, Friends of the Earth, Foodwatch, Greenpeace, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam.  On the themes page you will find an overview of assignments we have carried out.

Ingrid’s experience lies in communication, media, evaluations and training. Agnes specializes in lobbying and advocacy, evaluations and training.