Our first cooperation was in the fight against the arrival of two new coal plants in the Eemshaven. From that moment on we have worked for various environmental organizations.

The structure of the training was very clear. I now have better insight into what steps to take in developing a campaign.

Campaign Training and Evaluation

Greenpeace Netherlands

We organized various campaign trainings for staff members of different departments of Greenpeace Netherlands. We also conducted an impact assessment for Greenpeace and the Adessium Foundation, which evluated the effects of the oceans campaign in West Africa.

This course was not like other courses. The creative and enthusiastic approach really match nowadays thinking.


Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth)

For staff members of different departments, we organized a campaign training for the the Dutch Friends of the Earth. We coached one of the campaign leaders during strategy development process. For one of the strategic partnerships of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Green Livelihoods Alliance, we wrote and coordinated a part of the inception report.

Campaign Training

Nature and Environmental Federations

For a team of staff of Nature and Environment, we organized a campaign workshop.

Campaign Training

Greenpeace International

Since 2014, we have trained dozens of campaigners, communications staff, press officers, fundraisers and action coordinators for Greenpeace International in developing and running campaigns. For Greenpeace International we developed an inhouse three-day basic campaign training, adapted with Greenpeace specific elements. The training usually took place in Amsterdam, but we also gave the training in Johannesburg and Jakarta. We also trained Greenpeace campaigners to give the training themselves, in other parts of the world.