Campagne Training

2-day campaign training

Campaigning is much more than simply media attention or advertising campaigns. Of course, such tools can be crucial to winning campaigns but not if you don’t first understand what it means to be campaigning strategically; and ensure these tools are used most effectively to reach and influence your targets. Developing a strategic campaign plan is not easy. That is why we offer a 2-day training that looks at both the strategic setting of a campaign and the different tactics available to create a campaign. The training will help the campaigner, communication advisor or lobbyist to independently develop a strategic, effective and realistic campaign plan or Theory of Change.

The first day we will discuss the basic techniques of setting up a campaign. There are several questions: What is the problem? What do you want to change? Who can make that change and what should you do for this? In what sub-campaigns should the campaign be divided? On the second day, we will take on the wide range of campaign resources available to campaigners and communication experts. We first focus on the purpose of communication, focusing on differentiating audiences and formulating campaign messages. Then we will go deeper into the use of different campaign tools (e.g. reports, legal actions, press conferences, online petitions, etc.).

After the training, participants can:

  • independently develop a campaign plan and a theory of change
  • formulate clear and realistic goals
  • make a power analysis
  • develop tools and tactics that connect with different target groups

We give the training in-company, but there are also opportunities to enrol in an open training, with  employees of different organizations.


The costs of training depend on the organization’s income and are therefore differentiated according to the annual turnover:

€ 490, – excl. VAT, with an annual turnover of less than € 500,000

€ 750, – excluding VAT, with annual turnover between € 500,000 and € 2 million

€ 995, – excl. VAT, with an annual turnover of more than € 2 million


Train the Trainer: Lobby & advocacy for Southern Partners

Many organizations in Northern countries provide training for their Southern partners in the area of ​​lobby & advocacy. To be able to train partners in the South themselves, we have made our training (materials) available for use to NGOs. Trainers of Bureau Tij give a one day  Train-the-Trainer workshop to NGO staff, after which the staff can give the training themselves to Southern partners.

If your organisation buys this package, you will receive a license to use the training materials, and you can adopt the materials if you would like to. The materials are available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Dutch. The package includes a two day prezi presentation, a theory card, a work book, handouts, a certificate and a trainers manual.

Amongst other things, our training package explores two key aspects of policy influencing: developing a Theory of Change and creating the tactics and tools to give your plan its final shape. The two or three day training helps participants to develop a strategic, effective and realistic advocacy plan.

After the training participants should be able to:

  • write an advocacy plan
  • set clear and realistic goals
  • make a power analysis
  • develop a motivational strategy to acquire insight into influencing different target groups
  • develop a Theory of Change and convert it to tools and activities

More information can be found in our brochure Training for Advocacy and Policy Influencing.