Food is an important issue, because it concerns all of us. But it is also a subject with many faces. Whether it's food security, healthy and safe food, sustainable production, a fair price for what we eat or fair information, we like to work with and for organizations that are concerned about the way food is being produced, marketed and sold.

"I have had the privilege and pleasure to work together with the consultants of Bureau Tij during my tenure at Fairfood International as Senior Manager Advocacy. I was very impressed with the broad and thorough level of knowledge that Agnes de Rooij and Ingrid van den Berg have of the NGO sector, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Both ladies have extensive experience in NGO sector, gathered from many years of working for renown civil society organizations like Greenpeace, the Red Cross and AIDS Foundation, to name just a few. While they have experience with large NGOs, they have also been very capable of understanding and adapting to the needs of a small organization like Fairfood. I would specifically want to emphasize the sound quality of the work delivered, coming from a proven ability to analyse, innovate and adapt. I wholeheartedly recommend Bureau Tij for any research, evaluation or training assignments in our sector."

Ioan Nemes, Policy Advisor at Oxfam Novib and previously Senior Manager at Fairfood International

Campaign Training

Fairfood International

We provided a campaign training for the campaigners and the communication staff of the different teams of Fairfood International. Fairfood International has also purchased a license to our training material in order to support their capacity development program, which trains workers in the food sector in a number of developing countries. Our training material was translated into Spanish and Arabic by Fairfood and CNV International used the training in several countries including Indonesia, Ghana, South Africa, Morocco and Costa Rica.

Campaign evaluation


At the request of the Adessium Foundation, we conducted an evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of Foodwatch in 2014. We looked at the child marketing campaign and the campaign against misleading marketing and interviewed nearly 20 stakeholders. This resulted in a report with a large number of recommendations.

Campaign training and implementation


For Questionmark we provided a campaign training. We also conducted a stakeholder survey for them, to inform and promote a new feature of the Questionmark App.