Human rights

In many countries human rights are violated. People are discriminated against or even imprisoned because of their opinion, belief or sexual preference. But people in the Netherlands sometimes also face difficulties in the system. Therefore we like use our knowledge and experience to help organizations that commit themselves to human rights.

It had already been predicted to us. And indeed, experienced the process of the evaluation of Agnes and Ingrid as very intense and instructive

Campaign evaluation


In 2017, at the request of the Adessium Foundation, we conducted an assessment of the service and impact of the Soresdienst. The Soresdienst offers support to Dutch people who have been socially in a vulnerable situation because of bad luck, injustice or legal complications. For the evaluation we talked to a large number of clients and other stakeholders, and we charted different options for additional funding.

Campaign advice


For COC Netherlands, we organized a strategy meeting with various employees and volunteers aimed at developing clear and concrete goals for the activities during the Europride in Amsterdam in the summer of 2016. During the Europride, the COC celebrated its 70th anniversary.